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You walked into the party

Updated: May 24, 2020

Like you were walking on to a yacht.

  1. Shedding skin from my feet after my foot facial thingy... going to cover my whole body and shed as many layers as possible.. found a loop hole, finally.

  2. Just got a lovely new orange fascinator to wear on my zoom calls on Fancy Fridays... woz getting bored of my usual ones… what on earth has our lives come to? Can't believe I said that out loud.. oy.

  3. Came to the conclusion my inner self is a drag queen… me thinks that it has been pretty obvious to is this my coming out? Must unleash the power more often.

  4. Hamish Wallgrave…doesn’t sound fabulous enough tho’, Lady Wallgrave on the other hand.

  5. How long is the new part Russian/part droid barbie doll going to last? My money is end of August.

  6. Just purchased two lovely boxes of delishnesses… altho' all this WFH has put a dampener on sneaking in expensive parcels so John doesn’t suspect… need a distraction strategy stat.

  7. The perils of not wearing a bra means I sometimes jam my nips into my laptop when closing it.. at this rate, I’ll be arriving for my mommy make over with them pickling in a jar, which I’ll have to hand over to the nurse.

  8. Yes, it hurts like a mother… suppose that’s a good thing.. it could be a lot worse.

  9. Dignity is overrated, although having said that.. what’s that expression?

  10. Don’t lose your dignity to make other people appreciate you, when they aren’t capable.


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