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They say the heart of rock and roll is still beating

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

And from what I've seen I believe 'em.

  1. OMG! Billie Eilish has changed her hair color!!! Likely entering into a new covid dimension…

  2. Woke up to the roaring sound of Formula One blasting through the house... then sat down with J to watch Louis Hamilton win the first Grand Pix of the season... might have a new crush soon as my adrenaline returns to normal from the bloody sportscasters... he’s quite delish.

  3. Lovely old client just told me about Mary Catherine Bateson’s book Composing a Life about the post menopausal zest woman having a renewed lease on life post...shall announce having hot zests from now on...sounds much more polite and apparently more apropos.

  4. Just replaced our tired old 15 year old coaches...have lovely new cream ones now and feeling very gowns up... hashtaglikleygoingtoregretcolorbeforetoolong... especially as our carpets are also cream and we already learned that lesson... hashtag.

  5. Ever since had the unfortunate facial incident, have been ironing my face with a roller between zooms... might be an onset of a new tick... partic as have also been madly posting memes at work on new communications platform... a year of isolation and some new OCDs seem to be fiercely taking hold.

  6. Also starting to lie about the dog's age because he is so badly behaved... at this rate, he may end up being the oldest puppy ever.

  7. "My lacrosse coach is much a millennial!" Meta mind fuck coming from my precocious 17 year old.

  8. Teenage swoon over Harry Styles is exhausting... what day of the week he was born (do I look like I care)...has a tattoo of his sister’s name in Hebrew (that part slightly interesting)... used to play badminton in school (I used to play badminton sixth form… major slacker “sport”) she thumbs thru the pages of his ridiculous fan book...only pains me that I don't have one.

  9. Although, just finished lovely Audrey Hepburn documentary on Netflix... she has always been my #1 lady hero for as long as I can remember... her grace, her dignity, her kindness... there has never been anyone like her, and quite possibly there never will.

  10. Oh well... Happy Passover my lovelies.. a story of hope and resilience… certainly learned a lot about that this past year...spending a meditative afternoon in the garden.. counting my blessings and listening to Spotify... my inner child will always be new if you can't tell.


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