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So I'd like to know where, you got the notion

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Said I'd like to know where, you got the notion.

  1. Well fuck a doodle do... here we is... one year later... one year since I started vomiting nonsense and irrelevant nuggets of obsessive stupidity... but it brings me joy so.... fuck a doodle do.

  2. Literally watching Oprah Behind the Scenes... the Sarah Ferguson special… am disintegrating before own eyes into a puddle of cultural starvation.

  3. Trying to stay positive...even thou there is still so much hatred in the world…in the words of Brené Brown, “Dehumanizing language is a radicalizing tool of white supremacy and white evangelical extremism… Combine a long history of discrimination and bias with leaders…and you can see the very short distance between our language, our thoughts, and our actions including everything from violence and diminishing that violence with “just having a bad day” to "Well, look what kind of work they did." This is why shame, humiliation, and dehumanizing make the world a more dangerous place for all of us."

  4. Filling up the house with way too many vases of flowers… need to be surrounded by loveliness at all times now.. no matter the expense.

  5. Purchasing lovely new sarongs and fab cozies for the afterlife… determined to go somewhere exotic...and off the mainland and the trappings of my life.

  6. Considering a couple nights at Indian Springs... need a significant time out…maybe a delicious float in their 102 degree mineral pool…no, you can’t come with me.. this is a private meltdown… absolutely no witnesses allowed while I wallow in my champagne problems.

  7. According to Webster’s dictionary thin is defined as “lacking substance or strength, disappointingly poor, unconvincing, somewhat feeble, shrill, and lacking in resonance.” ... no wonder it goes against my religion.

  8. One accomplishment for the week… managed to wash the Challenger’s duvet for the first time in who the hell knows… his room smells mildly less like a farmyard now…but only mildly.

  9. “No mum, I swear he is very responsible…that was only that one time when you had to wipe the whip cream off the ceiling.” thinks, she needs help with her pitch.

  10. Listening to the latest Jilly Cooper “Between the Covers” on Audible... literally grew up on her… and she has a CBE... there’s time for me yet.

  11. Especially since just got tapped for another commercial voice over... so well on my way!!!

  12. OMG!!! Derry Girls - an absolute MUST SEE!!! “Daft, profane and absolutely brilliant,” The Guardian.... totally agree... but can’t help but draw the scary parallel between life in Northern Ireland in the nineties and what is happening now here in the US…fuck a doodle do.


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