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Er war ein Punker

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Und er lebte in der großen Stadt.

  1. Apparently I'm never allowed to wear a trucker hat eva...according to both my offspring... it’s happened... apparently dressing my age might be in my very near future... just googled 50s haircuts...decided it most certainly isn’t!

  2. “That motorbike going up hill sounds like you snoring, mum”... might have to give up teenagers...most certainly damaging for my health.

  3. Working for a global company during a pandemic is tricky... different countries at different rates with numbers/vaccine availability... so much bureaucracy... suppose I’m a dreamer but imagine if the big pharmas got together with all the governments... this would have been over ages ago.

  4. Just had a sloppy snuggle with neighbour’s beautiful mottled Great Dane puppy named Granite, who is now a horse and not even a year...and no doubt a double handed pick up.

  5. Wait, what? Why are you taking the kettle to Tahoe for Spring Break? How am I going to make a cuppa? Makes no sense... reminds me of the time you took the paella pan to Hawaii... can’t help but question the brain cells in this family sometimes.

  6. However... major achievement this week... Stoner passed the written portion of her driving test...would be a tad embarrassing if she had to take it a fourth time.

  7. Must be the last Brit on the planet to discover Gavin & Stacey...absolutely crackin'!

  8. Oh my paws and whiskers...pluck your strays, lovelies...and check your heard it from me!

  9. What about a Rub Crawl? We lurch from one massage parlor to the next? My idea of heaven... and very maybe how I'll spend my Easter Sunday.

  10. Egg salad farts are positively lethal... but you didn't hear that from me!


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