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I've spent almost my entire adult life living with delusions of grandeur. Ever since I started working, I would squander whole paychecks in my twenties on bad decisions and taxis. My thirties on expensive baby equipment and bottles of sauvignon blanc. And my forties on Gucci loafers and bottles of Tattinger. I've lived paycheck to paycheck while maintaining a fairly indulgent life and it has been an absolute blast!


So now, at forty-nine and three quarters and approaching the half-way mark (please willing), I'm trying to figure out what the next decades will afford me...or rather how I can and should afford them. So, as I contemplate this new horizon, and the potential of growing old with myself, I thought I’d put together a blog to share some of the shit that goes around in my head in the hopes that perhaps some of you can relate. 


For the record this didn’t come out of the blue - I just starting posting crap on Facebook (yes, I should be on Instagram, I know) and friends started saying I should start a here goes. And if it goes nowhere, who cares? But if it brings a smile to your face as you recognize in you some of the things we have in common or similar outlooks we share on life, then I have done what I set out to do. To show you that you are more fabulous than you think you are and that you should stop listening to those defeatist voices in your head and drown them with giggles, bubbles and whatever 

extravagances make you happy. 

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A life-long Affliction with Delusions of Grandeur

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