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You like potato and I like potahto

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

You like tomato and I like tomahto.

  1. Have decided drinking on zoom should be banned… can hear every single bloody swallow... exceedingly annoying... would give anything to be able to mute my hypersensitivity button.

  2. This time last Saturday was having a lovely sun soaked bath with my new eucalyptus CB2 bath salts, pre-gaming before a 90-day massage… feelin’ mighty...Paul, my delightful massage therapist from Kume Spa... shall also be joining the payroll as Head of Ops.

  3. This Saturday, nursing a rather painful G&T hangover, curtesy of my father and a rather boozy Friday night dancing around his kitchen listening to Louis Armstrong and drunk dialing my brothers.

  4. Thankfully, face is now fully cured.. and have lovely new D&C sunglasses as award for surviving hospital ordeal... holding my own in BH now.

  5. Just read this in the Week, “Conservatives see Meghan as an ungrateful attention seeker who chose to marry into the royals and then backstabbed them. Whether the issue is immigration, criminal justice, or welfare, conservatives instantly support the status quo and attribute failure and misery to bad choices. Liberals instantly blame an unjust system that needs to be reformed. How people feel about Meghan and Harry serves as a metaphor for their world views."

  6. Totally believe her experience with the insidious UK tabloids… and no doubt the system is rigged... but not sure going on Oprah was altogether necessary.

  7. Really do empathize with her... I think she was just very naive... but really, never googled Prince Harry? And if she was really struggling... why did he not get her help? Just seems fishy.

  8. Hiding from another parent in Piedmont Grocery... only to discover, she was hiding from me! How dare she? Most rude! Plus... didn't she want to know what I thought of the interview?

  9. How dare she not want to get my statement... the gall of some people..

  10. Happy Hour Sat night.. a bottle of Veuve and a bowl (or three) of Costco Utz giant baked cheddar balls... thas just how we roll in BH.


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