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You know my Suffragette City

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Is outta sight she's all right.

  1. Just had a massive realization as a dem… trying to wrap my head around anyone who could have possibly voted for #45... trying to cross the empathy wall and really see how they could somehow see past his grotesque grandiosity.

  2. But do #45 supporters ever once try to understand why we vote the way we do? Not once...they can’t bring themselves to try and see that perhaps it’s about humanity.

  3. Too concerned about ensuring that their wealth is in tact, vs. trying to understand that all they are doing is perpetuating systemic racism.

  4. And the worst offenders are the ones who claim to be socially dem but when it comes down to the ballot, voted for him anyway.

  5. And it’s so incredulous to me that a woman would support him… What self-respecting woman thinks that we have to accept that this is just the way it is?

  6. Were they bullied so much by the men in their lives that to stand up for themselves would somehow alter the status quo?

  7. Damm fucking right it would… we deserve more…our daughters deserve more… and our sons deserve to know what it means to have character and what it means to lose gracefully.

  8. Power is a very dangerous thing and in the wrong hands, this is what happens... we are on the cusp of a civil coup… and for what?

  9. So we can go on pretending that there are children in cages who belong to drug lords so it doesn’t we can go on pretending that the rona will miraculously go away... so we can go on thinking that science is stupid.

  10. This isn’t about politics... this is about people’s morale compass… for those people who voted for #45... what morale fiber of their being can possibly turn a blind eye on the atrocities...because he ain't going to heaven and their chips are most certainly down.


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