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You could have an aeroplane flying

If you bring your blue sky back.

  1. Haven’t been all that hungry in a few days.. never felt not hungry before... most unusual sensation... not complaining or nuffin... just wondering if I've been possessed.

  2. His She Shed has literally saved our marriage... hallelujah!!!

  3. And he's making cracked crab for dinner... yummski!!! Best try and fake an appetite.

  4. Kids discussing the “stars” on pornhub…they know their names... completely mortified... can’t even come up with a witty quip…utterly speechless.

  5. Learning all about American history with high-schooler... think I’m paying more attention than she is… the Industrial Era, Progressive Era, the Great Depression...I'd do so much better in high school now.

  6. Explaining tax racket to her... her jaw is literally on the floor.. the sooner she gets a job, the better the relevance of this lesson will be.

  7. Mani pedi shops re-opened... yay... have pretty feet again... My girl Jackie used to be an ER nurse in Vietnam... typical immigrant story...when they come to the US, they can’t follow their passions... sad reality.

  8. Having my consult for new boobies in March… except it'll be virtual... am I supposed to drag my nips across the zoom for an inspection? Will be a bit of a hoist.. this'll be interesting.

  9. Lovely Saturday afternoon in the garden with incredible friends I’ve known for 25 years... just lovely… wine and wisdom.. all filled up now ready for the week.

  10. Best news yet.. both parents will have been noxed by end of Feb... seeing hugs on the heart is filling up too.


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