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Willkommen! And bienvenue!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020


  1. Have cut out every person in my life with NPD... feeling empowered… was getting far too far washed up in their BS...v. alluring at first.. until the “wait, what did you say?” starts happening and the self doubt creeps in.

  2. Trust your instincts lovelies... self care comes in many diff. varieties… doesn’t have to be accumulating...can be eliminating too... life lessons, moi to moi.

  3. Can’t quite believe that we are hurtling towards Christmas…literally 12 Fridays to go!!! Heard bloody jiggle bells the other day... people.. I know we are all losing it... but seriously...sheer madness.

  4. Need to get to the election first... less than three weeks…more letters to write in the morn.

  5. 97 degrees, high winds. static air…earthquake weather….best don all my jewels just in case have to make a mad dash.

  6. Seem to have developed a thing for Trevor Noah... just found out he's only 36... not sure ready to be a cougar just have some body part re-arranging to do first.

  7. My father’s assistant complains when he is in a fluster over zoom, it's like watching a hen high on coke.

  8. Mmm... wonder if she could get me some…prob keel over and die at this age... one snort = one heart attack... used to be a great weight-loss solution back in the day... shit.. that was 30 almost years ago!

  9. Sometimes adulting is so over-rated.. and don’t get me started on the bills, the role modeling, the intellectual/polite conversation…ugh.. not to mention the parent teacher annoy-ring.

  10. Fancy a rager, I do... would love to go clubbing and dance around like a flapping hen!


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