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Who can it be knocking at my door?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Go 'way, don't come 'round here no more.

  1. Starting to pluck out grays.. this is not going to end well… may have to Travolta my sitch soon.

  2. Bra strap is extremely constricting…perhaps I should wear another one round my waist.. might provide much needed reminder.

  3. Things are shifting in the force… stoner child is building a website on LGBT rights in Egypt... while helper child is becoming more and more surly… might be entering a new SIP retrograde.

  4. Desperately need a bikini wax… what’s the fine print on donating to locks of love.

  5. No dry humping me is not forplay… what about mopping the floors, emptying the dishwasher and listening until I get to the end of the sentence?

  6. Burned my tongue on shoveling pot stickers into my pie hole.. absolutely justified now to have ice-cream for lunch dessert.

  7. Helper child ordered Jamba Juice smoothies around whatever-the-fuck-time-it-was... slurped my peach passion down a third and then filled it back up with rum... highly recommend.

  8. Literally scheduling tailgating pre-game zooms now before happy hour zooms... spending about half my day, each day, with a drink in hand.

  9. Might be starting to judge myself for my ever increasing alcohol consumption.

  10. Yeah.. fuck that shit…

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Megan Bibbo
Megan Bibbo

The John Sazaki comment is brilliant! As a former OUSD employee & having kids in OUSD schools for 9 years - I can say, his voice has brought me some comfort over the years. I hear he's a nice guy too.

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