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When you're all alone in your lonely room

And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume.

  1. So extremely excited - just bought my first eva grown up piece of artwork from my extraordinary talented school friend, Lucy Pratt ( it just arrived and I absolutely love it - it's the pool to the framers this afternoon and beyond excited to hang it!

  2. Also rather infatuated with Unami Burger’s fried pickles.. OMG! A whole new level of yumminess.

  3. Stuffing my face while watching Grandma with Lily Tomlin and Julie Garner… totes LOVE Lily Tomlin…and Julie Garner has been my girl crush since she played Ruth on Ozarks.

  4. Still trying to wrap my head around my staffing model for when I win the lottery - shall need a chef/massage therapist/yoga instructor, a stylist/make up/hair person and a kick-ass personal assistant... keep going back and forth.. but think three people on the payroll besides household staff is a good/modest start… one can always build from there... better than having to downsize later.

  5. "I don’t mean any disrespect"…fuck I hate that line... partic when it comes out of a mansplainer!

  6. Tried out a new place for my injectables… got a little re-fill... hope to start feeling gorg as soon as the throbbing dies down and my sand paper skin returns to normal.

  7. TG butter biscuits are evil and full of covid.. should be a warning on the box!

  8. And the word budget is highly offensive.. no matter which way you look at’s almost as bad as moist... shudder.

  9. And just when I get a massive promotion... my bag tips all over the floor so I have to rout around under the kitchen cabinets to retrieve my personables.

  10. Urgently need a new designer one now... v. stressful...oy vey zmir!


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