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“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”


  1. V. Simple... off with his head... posted the exact same message on fb yesterday and it was flagged as being too violent... annoyed they took it down...and extremely grateful they are finally being more vigilant.

  2. What an utter shit show - and its only Jan 9... embarrassed and ashamed to say the least… been on the verge of a panic attack since it happened... trying to stay centered... shall knit, puzzle and meditate... fuck I’m boring.

  3. Except, did start off the day with a lovely relaxing bath... in my new magnetic false eyelashes none-the-less… not that boring, please... except slightly concerned that my eyeballs might not stay in my head.

  4. Also, kicking myself for not registering for my 50th… could use a couple more platters.

  5. On a high note.. now exchanging texts with Sam Heughen… literally...feeling v. glam… won’t tell him about my exciting afternoon of hobbies planned... want him to think my life is as fabulous as his.

  6. Massive epiphany - if I can manage to stay upright after dinner for three hours.. my gerd goes away… and the wine slips down so much easier…

  7. Also won’t be sharing that tip with Sam... especially as may have intimated at the fact that was born in 1980…his show is all about time travel so losing a decade is no biggie.

  8. Please do not wipe your nose on the dog... again!

  9. Ricotta, ricotta, how I love thee so…

  10. Sedition!


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