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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hump Day back in the day...

  1. Not sure the dog recognizes me anymore.. it’s either my ever expanding mass or he is depressed and lost his wag.

  2. Def. updating my look to boho-homeless. Bras be gone, grey roots be had, slippers be won and muumuus be donned all the way.

  3. The only prob with eating thru the house, besides the obvious, is the increased about of TP I need to commandeer.. I know one begets the other… obvs…

  4. Hoping I will shed my SIP skin and a lovely svelte me will emerge at the end of this… yes, I know.. effort would have to exerted..shut up…

  5. Even cellulite has developed more craters… the topography is changing…you think benedrill would help?

  6. Apparently you lose your ability to taste with coved.. that won’t help.. it’s never stopped me in the past.

  7. The sink seems to be a dirty dish receptacle… adding washing-up to the footman duties…so far he is showing great promise…

  8. Jumping on a call with my elementary school friends today (after 40 years)… How am I going to loose 25lbs, die my roots and iron out my wrinkles in 2.5 hours? Urgh.. the pressure..

  9. You put on your fucking headphones.. I’m loud and I’m proud.

  10. Stop the ride, I want to get off….


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