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Well, I remember, I remember, don't worry

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

How could I ever forget?

  1. Be safe California people… notice I didn't say Cali...

  2. Dog and I are absolute kindred spirits - motivated by treats, belly rubs and lotsa kisses.

  3. Slippers have already died after six SIP months.. need to replace.. contemplating Birdies so I can clack around the house in negligee and hair in curlers/scarf.

  4. Obsessed with Trinny Woodall … can’t tell if I know her or just want to be her?

  5. My father still calls me Vickle Pickle…v. endearing.

  6. Practiced a presentation in the bath so long last night, I emerged looking like the creature in Shape of Water.

  7. Ice cream has 10,000 points in every bite.

  8. Not sure what I’m morphing into but seem to have developed a relationship with the lovely lady at the yarn shop... my inner grandma is developing, apparently... Should I be scared?

  9. Huge ephinany… if I only fill up my coffee pot for five cups, then I don’t have to throw the last one away.. have been doing six all these years ('cos that's where the line is) and chucking the last cup... think of how much I wasted? Mind blowing…

  10. So??? When was the last time you washed your hair?


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