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We got to let love rule

Love transcends all space and time.

  1. I can not begin to understand the generational pain people of color have had to endure and experience over the years swimming up steam in a system that is designed to keep them from succeeding.

  2. And yet racism is everywhere... Ignorant people are everywhere... I've experienced racism in the form of anti-semitism more times that I can remember.

  3. People don’t entirely understand that being jewish is an ethnicity and think it is only a religion. There is even some debate in the Jewish community whether it is a race at all.

  4. For me, being Jewish is about my ancestry, my ethnicity and my cultural background... I am not a religious person one bit...spiritual yes, but that is as far as it goes.. and even that might be somewhat of a stretch.

  5. My skin is olive in tone so I can pretty much go through life passing as my ethnicity is invisible.

  6. Yet it’s astonishing the kinds of things I have heard over the years... I had a boss once who would tell the accountant to look out for the clients whose names were Goldstein, Silverman and Sandler to ensure that they better pay their bills on time.

  7. And I still hear things all the time - “some jewish family just bought the house next door.. not sure what they are doing with the place, but you know, they probably won’t spend any money on fixing it up.” Or more subtle, “you know, your people.”

  8. Why does the human race have a need to sort and discriminate? I'm sure there is some anthropological answer but that is bull shit. Racism is unforgivable.

  9. This movement has touched me to my core... We are all human....We are all people and people of color deserve to be heard, seen, loved, and given the same opportunities as everyone else.



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