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Un-break my heart

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Say you'll love me again.

  1. Giving birth to child #2 kinda destroyed her... a famous comedian once said…it was like watching his favorite pub burn down... John witnessed it too.

  2. She looked like a relaxed cowl neck vs. a tight turtle neck for quite some time…on windy days she would whistle.

  3. But in waiting for her to spring back.. it messed with my femininity…my flower was broken.

  4. A few months went by and I thought I’d take myself off for a Brazilian to make her and me feel lovely and beautiful and feminine again….I made an appointment at the renowned Marilyn Jaeger Studio who is known for saying, “a clean girl is a happy girl.”

  5. The technician was sweet and gracious and we exchanged awkward pleasantries.

  6. When she was done, she looked at me as I sat up, put her hand on my shoulder and said, “it’s on the house.”

  7. I literally burst into tears… I was heart broken… Really a pity wax? Is it that bad? Did she not make her beautiful? Was there no hope of ever feeling let alone looking beautiful again?

  8. Then I got angry.. how dare she insult me… No, lady, I’m paying full fucking price! I may have a broken flower, but she is my broken flower… how dare you judge us… I stormed out mortified.

  9. Eventually she got a rejuvenation from a much kinder more experienced medical doctor... she was restored and our relationship was renewed, we were happy and beautiful and feminine once more.

  10. Although recently I've noticed she is starting to look a bit more like a dried flower…but that'll have to be a story for another day.


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