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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Day 20, Up 20

  1. Do you think Covid could be a possible weight loss solution?

  2. Now online shopping getting ready for when Neiman’s has their liquidation sale… gonna snap up some designer essentials like the LV travel trunk and a pair of furry Gucci mules... Most essential.

  3. Thank you for all the offers of TP. We are good for now… found a stash in the earthquake survival kit, along with a couple bottles of champers and some moist toilettes... positively the worst word combination ever.

  4. House is starting to look like Frank’s house in Shameless... Thank goodness we are social distancing ‘cos if you did ring the bell, I wouldn’t invite you over the doorstep to witness the carnage.

  5. Not going to rant about Trump as he is a fuckturd and thinking about him takes precious time away from obsessing about me.

  6. Afternoon activities: adding pedicure if I can still touch my toes.... and finding neck contouring on goop lab.

  7. No, I’m not a narsasist. My brother made me take the test once, actually twice… just to make sure…. I come in under… it was still under.. under is under.

  8. I hope you mamas with little ones are staying sane... Thinking of you and sending you lots of love and strength. oxo

  9. I think stoner child has officially gone into hibernation, I can’t remember the last time I saw her upright.

  10. Helper child is working every angle for money... I may have a servant after all.


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