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To the late night double feature

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Picture show.

  1. Hurtling along Sunset Boulevard from the 405 headed into BH listening to Trainspotting with windows wide open smoking orange American Spirits felt like yesterday... wait, it was yesterday.

  2. Only in LA in the space of one hour can you see a neon pink Steinway grand, an antique dodgem car as an object d’art and brush shoulders with Gina Gershon.. well actually T did… I was too busy talking about myself (as usual) to fully comprehend it was her…

  3. Down for the weekend to be with the ol’ man... lovely weekend actually... except over did it on the Indian.. saag paneer how I love thee so... all 25,000 bloody points... can't eat again until Thanksgiving.

  4. Also discovered another tit bit... Joni had a long time affair with Dean Martin for many years...would have loved the deets… coulda... shoulda.. woulda.. oh well.

  5. Given up on the news…most annoying… having a little online cashmere flutter… much more enjoyable and, I don’t have too many clothes - I have a capsule wardrobe in three sizes… bugger off.

  6. Stoner writing a sociology essay on socialization and whether the pandemic has affected people…no, duh… just another 1498 words to go.

  7. Father accused me of being a yuppie... he could see me on the Upper East Side... most insulted!

  8. I mean… kettle??? He lived there for ten years!!! Just ‘cos I broke out my Tory Birches after seven months on hiatus... seriously...can't win... even got a bloody blista!

  9. Braless hairy legged Berkeleyite would hardly have gone down very well in BH... at least I scrubbed up for the occasion and passed the parent approval test.

  10. But why do I still feel the need to seek his approval? Esp. at my age? Obsessing now... might need a couple more capsule cardies as I contemplate the sitch.


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