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Time may change me

But I can't trace time.

  1. Zero tea towels but 101 orphan socks... there's a business plan for a merger & acquisition in there somewhere.

  2. Left knee has been throbbing now for two days... must have thrombosis...leg amputation was not exactly part of my weight loss strategy.

  3. Just bought one of those mirrors with light bulbs round it for my old desk upstairs so can have a vanity - tres glam... shall spend hours pruning… and brushing hair 100 times every night...ooh... shall need one of those vintage crystal scent bottles with a big colorful spray bulb thingy… let the treasure hunt commence.

  4. It's not that glam, really... 'tis happening... now discussing various ailments with friends -- which poop doctor is the best, what meds to take for high blood pressure, whose husband is having prostate issues.

  5. And what's worse... I’m riveted... there was a time I’d loudly roll my eyes in I’m well in and sadly can contribute to the convo.

  6. Helper (who has now been rebranded Challenger) has moved onto black nail varnish and black eye liner… and starting to discuss wanting his ears pierced... so many mixed feelings.

  7. Welcome to man child - the adolescent years - where we seem to be challenging e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

  8. Lost all signs of Helper... that was so last decade... he doesn’t even slightly go off script now and occasionally forget to be a punk…he’s all in.. fully committed... the Challenger... joyous.

  9. I’ll be the one committed here before too long… hoping this phase goes by relatively unscathed on all accounts.

  10. Thoughts & prayers… thoughts & prayers… at least it's not a tattoo...yet.


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