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This too shall pass

We shall find a way or we shall make one.

  1. Sitting in the garden.. can hear everyone else working in theirs too... it’s like I have an outdoor co-working space... lotsa badass mamas over the fences crushing their jobs.

  2. Only birthed two teenagers but it appears any number of them can wake up in the morning… depending on amount of sleep and level of crankiness.

  3. Thank goodness I have a job, otherwise I might be devolving into one… staying up past 2am and sleeping in until an unmentional time.

  4. Contemplating if I should start a vegetable garden.. need to get a grip and remind myself that my current domestic lifestyle is very superficial and more of an illusion of my Martha Stewart talents.

  5. Finished Ozarks... wow...things could be a lot worse…

  6. Seem to have developed tram lines on my neck leading up to my chin… only paying attention now to about a third of each zoom meetings... if that.

  7. Can you get lypo on your kankles? Might be developing a new obsession.

  8. Counted how many times the kids said fuck today… obviously I’m not very virtuous nor set a good example, but it’s very uncouth... might have to rethink my approach to swearing…. I spawned a couple thugs, apparently...especially since I literally just said, "don't fart on the dog."

  9. Announced to them that I shall be 50 in exactly one month… got teased for saying “shall”… apparently “shall” is not in their vernacular… def convinced now I’m raising thugs.

  10. Deserve a Birthday/SIP gift! Shall buy myself something very sparkly and expensive… shall not share.. shall just have it for me… they can just Shall Off!


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