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This is a new dimension

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

This is a level where we're losing track of time.

  1. Wondering if my Varnishes are jumping he shark.. fuckit.. I love them, so that is all that counts.

  2. Celebrating my one-year blogaversary next month… feelin' like my credit cards may need some atten-sion in celebray-tion.

  3. Just got diagnosed with Esopha-gitus... might need to come up with a better word... sounds like I've got boils growing all over me… now Esopha-fabulous... that sounds miles better.

  4. Been told to drink baking soda in warm water every morning… trying to find the whisky chaser in the directions… this is going to be so much harder than it looks.

  5. Dilemma du jour... to plan a vacay this summer or not to plan a vacay? Will we all be noxed by then? Should we let the kids each bring a friend? Will 2 + 2 teenagers equal 104 or cancel each other out like in the old days when they were little and each had a friend over? Major first world problems...

  6. I remember summer hols with fam as a teen as a blended family... every day it was 5pm happy hours with Pina Coladas all round… may have to revisit memory lane as part of survival technique, regardless of the entourage.

  7. The Challenger is now listening to Gimme Gimme a man after midnight and shooting hoops in le jarden… am more confused by his sexuality every day.

  8. Although apparently, not allowed to care.. it’s not about labels anymore…trying to go with the flow...go with the flow... go with the flow...

  9. Nightmare last night - was attempting to hail a London taxi while my eyebrows were falling out and starving from drinking lumpy chocolate slim fast.. yup..don’t need to be a genius to read into that one.

  10. Totally obsessed with Bling Empire.. only thing saving me from watching Oprah reruns.. for now…

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1 Comment

Shelli Strand
Shelli Strand
Feb 22, 2021

I love your blog and it's only getting better!

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