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There's a fire starting in my heart

Updated: May 2, 2020

Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark.

  1. Gave in and cut his hair... not sure what all the fuss is about... it looks great... he has no idea what he's talking about.

  2. Ice crusher arrived... feeling tres glam again with my sauvy-b slushies… lather myself in sunscreen et voila...I’m poolside at the Four Seasons...tanned goddess, me.

  3. Only missing the gorg cabana boy coming by to spritz my sunglasses… helper child informed me it’s not in his job description... I'm documenting now.

  4. Stoner child had tantrum over school project…needs to build a website for her humanities class... may have outsourced it to a very kind and friendly designer I know... all in the name of SIP family relations.

  5. Going to have to buy some Gucci slippers… feet are black from walking round the house in bare feet… ooh might need to pick up some new sunglasses for all my trips to la gardenia.

  6. Still can’t find my yoga mat.. some things never change.

  7. Clippers better get here soon… #1 is starting to hold a grudge.

  8. FOMO bread making...just ‘cos everyone else is, doesn’t mean I have to.

  9. Taking the day off tomorrow to… DO MORE OF THE FUCKING SAME… might have to score some hallucinations…if I can’t go anywhere, at least I can have an outa body experience.

  10. Maybe Stevie Nicks and I can go for a drive…might have to pick up some smokes... far better for my health than making fucking bread.


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