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The summer wind came blowin' in from across the sea

Updated: May 3, 2020

It lingered there, to touch your hair and walk with me.

  1. View is incredible.. absolutely love Capri...stunningly gorgeous and the sea is almost turquoise...channelling Zoe Saldana circa 2012....trying super hard not to take any of this for granted.

  2. Bit windy on the bunny pad, but hardly complaining... it’s 83 and the water is almost still...don’t want to play with water toys this afternoon...would much rather en francais with Coop.

  3. He just got off the phone with Gaga.. her chopper just landed from Naples... going to have a blast...she said an hour...who knows what that means.

  4. Might head down in a bit to change into another glad the second stew alphabetized them in order of designers.. wore Gucci earlier...might wear the metallic Fendi one now... and my Tom Ford sunnies...Coop got them for me yesterday when we had lunch at Da Luigi's.

  5. Need to check email...last time we were on charter, wifi was such a pain...God, I hope I get it... trying not to obsess…must stop eating the chef's cannelloni... thank goodness there is a Peloton on the aft-deck.

  6. He’s being such a sweetie…man bun looks a bit ridic but who’s going to be a great project and the script is super...ugh... need to apply top's beginning to chip.

  7. Annoying we have to keep the cocktails on slow roll.. would love a least Steph will knock a few back with me...he's talking about directing... who knows...trying to be supportive but it sounds like a long shot...I mean how many remakes of a remake can you possibly do?

  8. Wonder if Coop will propose on this trip... maybe tomorrow evening…chief stew was talking about a private beach dinner at sunset or something...trying not to over think and get my hopes up... maybe they can press my vintage Pucci.

  9. OMG.. she's here...going to have a riot.. ooh, I know...can we please get a round of limoncellos for everyone? Grazie mille!


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