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The only way is up, baby

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

For you and me now.

Things I’ve learned to appreciate with age:

  1. Giving people the benefit of the doubt…Everyone, or at least almost everyone, is simply trying their best.. and their absolute very best with parenting…even my parents when I look back.

  2. The difference between being alone and being lonely and the joy of peace & quiet... just being... not doing... just being.

  3. Seriously strong coffee and a seriously strong Manhattan.

  4. The sisterhood of a book club and the authenticity of genuine friendship.

  5. Not worrying about winning anyone else's approval... not wishing I was someone else... content with who I am...unique, and rare... and fearless... we all are!

  6. NPR...but on hiatus until after the election... yes, I may be ill informed at the moment but I also appreciate self care.

  7. Children’s laughter… always.

  8. The joy of giving...for other people based on what I know they’d love... not what I love... what I think they'd love.

  9. Going back to basics…eliminating the need to consume stuff... I don’t need it to make me happy.

  10. Practicing gratitude every day...gone very woo-woo with age, apparently... best have another Manhattan... shut up...I know its 10am.



Elena Engle
Elena Engle
Jul 29, 2020

Yes to all of this! xoxo


Jul 28, 2020

Love this and love you ❤️

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