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The only tired I was, was tired of giving in

Updated: May 31, 2020

We will fail, when we fail to try - Rosa Parks.

  1. Today I use this platform, because I’m in pain.. I’m physically and emotionally in pain.

  2. This injustice has been going on for hundreds of years… and if I don’t speak up, then I’m continuing to perpetuate it.

  3. This fucked up system was designed to protect us not cause us pain.

  4. We are all humans... we are all people.. the system must protect EVERYONE.

  5. This has got to stop... we are raising our kids together... and yet mine get an advantage...It makes me sick and angry that my dearest friends with their beautiful brown skin babies are growing up in a parallel universe because of a simple accident of birth.

  6. We are all people… and people have been pushed to the edge.. and they are done fighting for their lives.. they are done fighting for their rights.

  7. This is the time that we ALL need to advocate for humanity.

  8. We can’t disengage from this until we dismantle this fucked up system of oppression.

  9. We have a responsibility to confront our own biases, educate ourselves and have these conversations at our tables, regardless of how uncomfortable they are.

  10. My job is to listen and learn but I will not be silent...WE must do this together...WE must do this NOW.

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1 Comment

Elena Engle
Elena Engle
Jun 01, 2020


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