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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

And put your helmet on.

  1. Ground to a complete stand still...141 steps in one day...Max only one getting any exercise with his dog walker every day... maybe I need a dog/whale walker... might be a whole new business plan.

  2. Great documentary on Netflix on how our phones are digital pacifiers… true dat.

  3. Heard this other day. “Hurt people hurt people.” Def. have more empathy for the times someone hurt me… having said that, doesn’t mean I’m going to let myself be again.

  4. Saw a sign for kosher cannabis? I mean… isn’t it vegan anyway???

  5. How is it possible that that gross sickly smell still permeates my mask every time I go passed that dreadful store - Bath & Body… that shit is just gummy bear body wash.. should be officially banned...dis-cust-ing.

  6. "Why don’t you... Why don’t you... Why don’t you... Why don’t you... Why don’t you.. Just switch off your television set and go out and do something less boring instead? Sittin' at home, watchin' TV, turn it off, it’s no good to me…So, Why don’t you... Why don’t you.. Why don’t you.. go Go GO!"

  7. Getting ads now for lymph pads for my armpits to shrink my bingo wings...seriously contemplating...

  8. 8======D is now Helper’s Zoom username…ooh...the mind of a teenage boy…

  9. Why is it called boob sweat and not humiditities?

  10. Do I wait for him to get caught or tell him how inappropriate?


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