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Set me free

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Why don't you, baby?

  1. Please, for the love of g*d.. mute your fucking zoom if you have kids screaming in the background…if people keep muting you, that is a very strong hint that it is driving them nuts too.

  2. Seem to have started knitting on very long zooms...v. self soothing and much more polite/appropriate than rocking myself too and fro.

  3. Literally spent two hours redesigning my avatar’s hair to see if I should change mine… yes, I see the upside down absurdity in this.

  4. In fact Helper had a dream that his dream state was his real life and is awake life was his dream state... if only that were to be true... esp. as I’m a very sort-after Hollywood actress married to John Hamm most nights.

  5. Recently discovered that I have a middle tooth on my bottom row...Since Tom Cruz is famous for his, I should be famous for mine!

  6. Reluctantly took Stoner to Brandy Melville... kept muttering under my breath at the ridiculous sizing…she reprimanded me, “your tone is messing with my chi” … Your chi? How about my chi? Bloody shop should be banned for promoting eating disorders...this shop is ruining every mother’s chi!

  7. Seem to have discovered a penchant for lip stains at the mo…got my stack from Trinny London that so far don’t get all over the mask… good start.

  8. Status quo ante bellum... just learned that it means the situation as it existed before the war...fluent in Latin now.

  9. Prob going to have to wear a helmet as developed flat SIP head from my horizontal state… not good.

  10. Oohhh juicy... Melania vs. Ivanka... this catfight will be very entertaining...esp. if one of them pops a boob!


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