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Updated: May 24, 2020

There's another place another time.

  1. Randy Rainbow is my only reliable source of news right now... Yes, it has come to that.

  2. Seriously considering installing a wine fridge next to the bath… will expense as business essential… needs must.

  3. Discovered focused puzzling seems to clear my head.. no, it’s the puzzling, I swear, it's not the Moscow Mule.

  4. Shit.. now I’m getting webbed feet.

  5. Wish we could earn screen miles like air miles.. we’d be set for life…assuming we could actually use them one of these days.

  6. Vegas to re-open? Not my first choice for a holiday.

  7. Not sure I understand half the things he says, but starting to think greying Russel Brand is hot…is it just me?

  8. Why are we all getting our knickers in a twist about him taking hydro-whatsit... shouldn’t we just see how this one plays out? Like his base drinking bleach? Again, not sure what the uproar is all about.

  9. Can’t figure out the whole fb avatar thing... starting to get FOMO... just when I thought captivity cured me...URGH.

  10. It's just an illusion, illusion, illusion.


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