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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Don't believe me just watch.

  1. 100 posts since lockdown.. thank you for indulging me in my self-involved ramblings…have reached over 4,000 people... not bad… bit chuffed, actually.

  2. Now... how do I monetize it for some new boobs? That is the most pertinent question de jour.

  3. Intellectual me... watched a new documentary on Paris Hilton… the voice/the act was all a character she played... or so she claims... tormented by a troubled youth... conflicted whether to believe her... now, if she gave away her ga-zillions to really do good, then maybe I would have more empathy for her trying to convince us she can’t get off the hamster wheel... of what? Posing? Shopping? Glam? P-lease…

  4. We can all get off the hamster wheel... It’s simply called.. stop… just stop… slow down… get in touch with what matters to you… question is tho’, would we have stopped if the pandemic hadn’t happened? Prob not..

  5. What this pandemic has taught me is… Nobody has it figured out, we are all just tying our best...That having been discriminated against, just makes me all the more passionate about wanting to support causes that address the inequity in society....and how important it is that we all need to just keep loving who we are.

  6. And in the meantime, we work, sleep, love, eat, eat again, zoom, shop, connect, rest, drink, read, share, talk, help, listen, forgive, dance, walk, hold, hug, care, snuggle…

  7. We all have it pretty good.. we are the lucky ones living in our well upholstered lives...complaining about how we are soo inconvenienced.

  8. Yesterday was a bit of a bust foodwise…emotionally ate and drank way too many points… ate today’s points too… may have to stay in bed all day pre-op no eating to face the music of weigh-in tomorrow morning…ugh…def think I should have RGB forgiveness points.

  9. And so... life goes on… thanks for being on this crazy journey with me! We got this...

  10. And most importantly...YOU matter... oxo

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1 Comment

Sep 21, 2020

Love this. Love your writing. Always.

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