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Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Been an awful good girl.

  1. Changed my mind... what I want to experience again for the first time is when I first felt those little kicks in my tummy when I was preggers… that was the most magical thing I think I've ever felt.

  2. When we applied for schools for the kids, we were interviewed and finally selected the one they thrived in... year-over-year we were asked the same thing - what do you want for your kids this school year? I simply responded the same over and over again, “I just want them to be happy.” After all, isn't that what life is all about?

  3. This year is no different.. and now so much harder than it seems since it’s all online… suppose we are teaching them resilience, patience... that women can rule the world.. but happy and adjusted.. that is not easy.

  4. Absolutely lost concept of time... weeks just gallop...a typical week now goes Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday... Seem to be blowing thru two weeks in five days?

  5. At least getting my clavicle dents back… feeling v. mighty...may have dropped a couple pesky pounds, but now my skin is starting to separate from my bones…. bingo arms, sure.. but bingo wrists? Wha?

  6. Just got a new headset… kids think I now look like the drive thru lady and every time they pass, ask, “Can I take your order?” Fuckers... it was only funny the first time.

  7. Decided not to get wireless so now tethered to the desk... literally a desk leash so I don't aimlessly wonder over to the fridge for a party-of-one.

  8. Ugh... where is the joy anymore?

  9. Have decided going to get Christmas underway and go all out... just picked up a lovely new pink lama ornament for the many trees is too many?

  10. Totally missing Skymall.. could use some stair baskets, an upside down back stretch apparatus, maybe a window cleaning tool... and def a hairline regrowth device...Dear Santa...


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