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Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

- Nathan Rutstein

  1. I’m back bitches... I took a much needed hiatus... mostly because my heart was bleeding and honestly because I actually spent the last couple weeks writing daily letters to various constituents to stand up and fight for what I so strongly believe in.

  2. But I've missed my cathartic rants on so many levels, so here I go again... on my own, goin' down the only...

  3. I thought long and hard as to whether I’d want to use this platform for something else... particularly because of everything going on...but I've decided that I’m going to take that critical work offline.

  4. And instead go back to what I set out to do... and that is to bring us all back to a quick self-indulgent moment of frippery... not to trivialize by any means what is going on in the world... but to give us all permission to take a momentary pause from it and remind us all to feed our souls with humor, especially now...even if it's just for a quick fix.

  5. Plus, who wants to hear from me on the topic anyway? I feel completely inadequate to talk about it here and can only speak of my own journey of discovery in trying to wrap my head around the injustices that this society breeds on itself generation after generation.

  6. My ah-ha moment came to me about five years ago when I had to pull over the car one day after talking to another parent who is a POC who was explaining to me that she lives in a completely parallel universe to mine… I simply had no idea.. and I broke down and sobbed.

  7. And while I'll always lead with empathy and believe in inclusivity to my core, as a person who presents white, I can, I must and I will ACT... every single day to DO something to make a change.

  8. My kids are showing up in a big way... I’m so thankful that they received the progressive education they did in elementary school, which set them up for life to be people I'm proud of, with values I respect and echo.  

  9. And in the meantime, I'm fucking quintastic... and I passed through that moment relatively unscathed save for a couple of designer bags, a Cartier bracelet and a fabulato new pair of Gucci feet. 

  10. Also discovered that John hates the taste of maple... cumin I get, cilantro I get... but maple? Who the fuck doesn’t like maple?


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