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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Day 21, Up 46

  1. Starting to feel very groundhog. Only way I know it’s a different day is by the water mark on the ice cream tub(s).

  2. John has been out more than me.. whenever he sees people coming down the street, he coughs so they move out of his way. Now, this passive aggressiveness I recognize.

  3. Blaming my midriff expansion on trying to support our local restaurants... Whatever I can do for my community is what it’s all about during these times.

  4. Just got an email if I was interested in a virtual massage session.. WTF??? How am I supposed to massage myself? I can’t possibly add that to the list… I’m swamped already ….good for an excuse for not picking up your call tho.

  5. Homeschooling until school’s out? Not only is this going to limit my kids’ career choices but my life span… and likely the cat’s.. she is sick of us being in her house all day.. I can relate.

  6. Social distancing… when do we start family distancing?

  7. Haven’t had a drink in two days! Feeling most on top of things now. ..Except gravity…I can’t quite get on top of that… Chins and boobs will be on the floor by May.

  8. You are all in my hearts… sending virtual hugs to everyone. oxo

  9. Carol killed her husband and fed the body to tigers, right?

  10. Hashtag: Every Day I’m Sheltering.


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