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One singular sensation

Every little step she takes.

  1. Adding plucked toe hair and pumiced heels to list of accomplishments for the day.

  2. John spent all morning with portable leaf blower appendage… not sure the point as the neighbor has one too...they are just blowing shit back and forth.. trying very hard not to point out a process improvement strategy.

  3. Have to say super doer SIP husband is awesome...can continue to lay around and obsess about my fupa without any guilt.

  4. Spent 10 mins laying in the sun yesterday and three hours trying to get Sun Bum out of my eye… also on the list.

  5. Actually wore a white linen shirt with buttons… felt mildly civilized.. mildly being the operative word… working way up to waist bands.

  6. Found some fab tit tape (thanks gwyneth).. no bras and no chaffing... just hoik them up and tape to clavicles.. only issue is nips a bit tender at night when have to peel off... just getting them prepped for if and when.

  7. Bloody bollocks... forgot about flossing… now need to add it Miss Congeniality list, which is stunningly getting longer and longer by the hour.

  8. Managed to do 10 sit ups tho'.. minor miracle.. convinced have a hernia now…def. feel dizzy and sick.. exercise is extremely dangerous.

  9. Had a very lovely conversation with a very dear friend who I've known since we were twelve… very special.. and reminded why were were such good friends all those years ago... poignant that it took this to re-connect.

  10. Obsessing now about getting a shaved ice machine…sauvy-b slushies in my future, me thinks.

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Elena Engle
Elena Engle
26 apr 2020

If all these folks can drink frozé, why can't you have slushy sauv?

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