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Oh, think twice

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

'cause it's another day for you, You and me in paradise.

  1. The Global Head of HR asked me the other day why I love my job so much... and the truth is because I think everybody is important... It’s as simple as that.

  2. Growing up in England I just felt so suffocated by the class system, because there is an imposed societal and cultural construct that no matter where you turn is always there.

  3. My whole life, I always gravitated to people for their kindness, authenticity and sense of humor…regardless of where their father went to prep school.

  4. Sure.. I passed all the tests.. but who cares? Why did I have to qualify in the first place?

  5. I get super triggered when people throw their privilege around... and it is very telling of someone’s character how they behave in a restaurant.

  6. Maybe if I had lived in the UK longer as an adult, I would have been able to care less but it all seemed so narrow minded…and truthfully it still does.

  7. I’m extremely grateful for all my opportunities in life, don’t get me wrong... but don't judge me because my brother went to Eton.. judge me on my behavior. .. how I make people feel, the choices I make...not because you've already decided that based on my breeding.

  8. It may all seem so quintessentially English to have afternoon tea and scones... but it comes with more layers than simply clotted cream and jam.

  9. New Yorker journalist George Packer said, “Inequality hardens society into a class system, Inequality divides us from one another... inequality undermines democracy.”

  10. Exactly.


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