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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

The IRS can bloody wait.

  1. Can only manage to disassociate a couple times a week… in the meantime, you’ll just have to put up with my rants.

  2. Bowl of honey-nut cherries for lunch.. they arrived at last.. getting creative with SIP lunches.. okay, fine… it was two, didn’t want to waste the milk.

  3. Last night had delish fish tacos from Cholita Linda… John ordered mango and passion fruit frescas.. added a gallon of Titos to them… and parked it for Ozarks, season 1... no spoilers please.. Jason Bateman only has one note, no?

  4. BTW - bottle seemed a bit watered down… I recognize that trick! You can’t pull that one on me.

  5. Case of VML sauvy-b just arrived and got a lead on a subscription for bamboo TP!

  6. Just when things started to look up….discovered bamboo TP is Orwellian grey.. trying very hard not to judge it.. apparently my poop shoot is more bougie than I thought it was.

  7. Okay.. I did it.. gone and bloody started a real blog… with the help off my very talented friend TJ and my exceptionally brilliant friend Maggie, I bring you…

  8. Hope you like! Please like/subscribe/follow/love/smooch/tickle/tweet/twat… all the above.

  9. I’d like to thank the academy, Helper & darling husband John for my liquid courage... and my endearing and mad agent, Charlie Runkle.

  10. Juicy kisses and tight hugs... one of these flipping days. Oxo

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Elena Engle
Elena Engle
16 abr 2020

Yes to #6!! I didn't realize how judgemental I was about TP until I had to use whatever I could get. #bougiepoopshoot is going to be trending on Twitter!

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