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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

  1. It’s absolutely none of your business what time I got up...I cleaned the whole house yesterday.

  2. Fait accomplis - def deserve a Channel bag now.

  3. Managed to squeeze in a cucumber facemask also… feel like I just got a promotion.. v. proud moment. Might even be gloating a tad…

  4. Except grey roots now sprouting out like a chia pet… denial just ended abruptly.

  5. Family game night last night - Cards Against Humanity - not very Norman Rockwell. Had he lived thru this, he might not have been famous.

  6. Red or black? Black goes with everything but red would make me so sparkly and festive...esp. since I've forgotten what those feel like.

  7. May move into my walk in closet for a couple days - aching for a slice of NYC.

  8. J is stock piling beer… and now Fieldwork is delivering…oh how I miss the days when I was much more judgy.

  9. Family zoom night tonight - thankfully I burned off 18 lbs from very ambitions housecleaning attempt yesterday… will position video so they can see how incredible my life is.

  10. Yes, you can bake scones.. you eat them with clotted cream and jam... not snotted cream and jam… please get up off the floor... it’s not as funny as you think it is.. no, really…it’s snot…


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