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More than a woman

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

More than a woman to me.

  1. Loved The Times article by Caitlin Moran on whether you can be a feminist and still do Botox.. I say yes, what say you?

  2. Did I say how much I love Caitlin Moran? My utter fav lady hero.

  3. Need a new strategy for de-cluttering...does this give me joy only puts husband and offspring in the give away pile... It’s the just-in-case pile that hath runneth over.

  4. Also…why is it so fucking difficult to replace the bog roll, people? Forget over/under tutorial... I’d be just happy with some minor foresight for the next time/person.

  5. Minor tantrum over.. took les grands enfants on a semi-normal shopping spree yesterday to 4th Street... didn’t feel like I was there just for the credit card... and they even let me peruse for me…got a lovely new fountain pen.

  6. Suspiciously felt like there may have been a note of gratitude in the air for such an outing... ostensibly it could have been that they were just happy to be out of the house.

  7. Husband’s She Shed is underway… finally…tho’ by the looks of the structural it’s starting to look more like a bunker... 150% convinced he’s loving the process more than the timeline.

  8. Do you think patience points offsets WW points?

  9. Might need a bunker.. it's v. apocalyptic these days.. epidemic, masks, police brutality, tyrant in office and now forest fires... what more can we possibly take?

  10. “I cannot understand anti-abortion arguments that center on the sanctity of life. As a species, we’ve fairly comprehensively demonstrated that we don’t believe in the sanity of life. The struggling acceptance of war, famine, epidemic, pain, and lifelong grinding poverty show us that whatever we tell ourselves, we’re made only the most feeble of efforts to really treat human life as sacred.” Did I mention how much I love Caitlin Moran?


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