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Last Christmas, I gave you my heart

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

But the very next day you gave it away.

  1. Offspring dentist apps, check... phew... no cavities.. that was a near miss.

  2. Last night... sitting in front of a crackling fire with J and a glass of amoretto on the rocks... realized just needed one of those sheepskin rugs to be living a total cliche.

  3. Just had a whole convo with Helper about how one’s choice of cocktail says a lot about a person and why a rum and coke might be a better choice than a cosmo... partic as a dude.

  4. Despite the fact that he came home yesterday afternoon with sparkly nail polish on… from someone named Esme… had to try to act super nonchalant but inside have so many burning questions.

  5. Played the "what if" game with Stoner... tho’ she just came up with a new one, “what would you do if you could go back and experience it for the first time?’

  6. Besides various recreationals, and Burning Man, obvs... might have to be the trip to Africa I took when I was 17.

  7. Bloody hell...just realized that she is the exact same age I was that Christmas when I spent a month in Tanzania with a dear high school friend and her family...was literally a trip of a lifetime.

  8. As if that mind fuck wasn't enough... why is her skater boyfriend wearing my vintage Stüssy t-shirt that belonged to old BF from 1991? And more importantly, why is he wearing a diff t-shirt than when he arrived???

  9. Now this, I need to investigate further.. and get my effing t-shirt back!

  10. Blinking face recognition doesn't work anymore now I've got new micro-bladed eye brows...what women have to suffer thru in the name of beauty...très énervant!


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