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Updated: May 24, 2020

All bound for mu mu land.

  1. Housecleaner texted the other day to see how we are.. wanted to beg her to come over and clean my house…would pay her 10 x her weekly salary at this point.

  2. Been blaming ice cream consumption on kids…problem is that ever expanding girth is a dead giveaway.

  3. Absolutely LOVE my job… Found my absolute true purpose in life.. not sure I would have appreciated it as much any earlier in my career.

  4. Have actually stopped listening to NPR altogether… Realizing I'm becoming more and more ill-informed but can’t listen to the monster anymore... just can’t.

  5. Only get the New Yorker so I can look cleva… might have to start reading it so my brain doesn’t completely addle… then I can quote it and sound less stupid.

  6. Lovely 6x6 (6pm, 6ft social distancing happy hour) in the park last night with friends.. sat for 5 hours all bundled up.. it’s my fav part of camping anyway.

  7. Covered in bug bites now... def feel like I went camping.

  8. House is beginning to look like it’s been ransacked... and we are beginning not to be able to find anything... yoga mat is in here somewhere???

  9. Coffee & a gummy… Sunday domestic goddess me… already lysoled the bathrooms... burned at least 8,000 calories... time for a break.

  10. Brilliant Burning Man neighbors creating a giant masterpiece painting at the intersection up the road... going to dig out my pink wig, silver platforms, fab faux fir vest and join them… gummy kickin’ in nicely…

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