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Josie's on a vacation far away

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Come around and talk it over.

  1. What do you mean, you dropped an AirPod in your acai bowl? When did you order those? Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted one?

  2. Cheat day for 72 hours... not my fault... bloody alarm didn’t go off.

  3. Fish nuggets? Isn’t that a copyright infringement? Everyone knows only chickens poop nuggets.

  4. Lost all regularity...was doing great there for a while... now the plumbing is severely backed up… starting to get most cranky... possibly related to #2... neither confirming nor denying.

  5. Posted holiday card to fb - boom done… one pro of social media and far better than licking 903 envelopes and having 203 fill up a draw somewhere because I lost the bloody addresses.

  6. Just received dog’s Dear Santa list… why didn’t he tell me earlier he wanted a Burberry rain coat? Might have to wait for the sales... sorry, Max.

  7. It’s only a head cold... its only a head cold...I don't have a fever... it's just a head cold...

  8. Mum, “Some families open gifts on Christmas Eve and some pick them out from under the tree on Christmas morning... what kind of family are we?”

  9. How do I put this gently? We’re the kinda family who opens the Amazon boxes when they arrive.

  10. Okay, fine... since it's Christmas, I’ll chuck in some tissue and a handful of bows…so demanding...seriously...


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