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It's the most wonderful time of the year

With the kids jingle belling.

  1. Dad is an Architect and Mum talks all day long.

  2. Apparently that is my job... I'm an official Talker...Head of Talking…Duchess of Talkville… Your honorable and distinguished Princess Talker of Babbleville.

  3. All my talking, child...pays for your everything so you can talk/text all day long... I’ll tell you who needs to shut up!

  4. Speaking of talking…

  5. Another pet peeve - where is your kid going to school/college? Doesn’t require a whole explanation of your choice... requires a simple factual response.

  6. Should I inquire further… that is when you pepper in your justification… but only if/when… the pre-amble is entirely irrelevant... not only because you (I mean its) bloody boring, but because the longer this goes on, the more I shall regret asking... let alone remembering why I started the conversation in the first place.

  7. Should teach a Masterclass in Communications… start with headlines people… and definitely don’t start with “first of all” and back up the story years before it starts… utter snoozeville.. and shall start to second guess the friendship entirely...which would be a shame...for you.

  8. Got an 11 and cascaded phones to offspring… Thank you Apple for not making us buy a gazziallon different chargers and accessories.

  9. However, the phone case racket is sinful! Now I need a new case ‘cos my edges are rounder???

  10. They most certainly are not.. they are sharp and cranky... even after I fixed the plumbing… think I'm starting to bah humbug, me…


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