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It's Christmastime

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

There's no need to be afraid.

  1. Can’t believe I am saying this but the Duchess of Cornwall does do good hats.

  2. Still can't quite believe why I did the bloody google search in the first place… possibly losing the plot.

  3. Text @ 2.37pm..."Muuuum... poo emoji...The cat threw up part of the Christmas tree in the hall... wish this was a joke but it isn’t."

  4. Grandpa’s Christmas card arrived with him surrounded by his grandchildren… Thank you for wearing a bra in the photo, daughter.

  5. Having a bit of a pang for Michael Hutchens for some reason… no, I was not listening to a Kyle Minogue documentary on her last three decades... no, I was not reliving Charlene and Scott’s wedding on Neighbours.. wasn’t me, I swear.

  6. Harry Styles being blasted all weekend long throughout the house… surprisingly not got a headache from his music... but got one from listening to the teenage swoon... non blinking stop.

  7. And it’s raining... pondering the dilemma of needing a new pair of happy Hunter wellies... already have back patent ones... but might I need options?

  8. Just read a brilliant article, “Why Freedom Became Free-Dumb in America!”… this country is obsessed with the idea of freedom as the removal of all restraint, the right to harm others, the ability to do anything you please, no matter how destructive, toxic, foolish, or inane... and Covid’s a jaw-dropping example of it!

  9. What the eff happened to basic decency, humanity, and kindness?

  10. Text @ 2.42pm..."Text your father...he is much more decent and kinder than me."


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