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It ain't necessarily so

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It ain't necessarily so.

  1. Why does the honey-do list require so much positive reinforcement to get it done… nervous might have to reciprocate here just to get it finished...oy.

  2. Fucking captcha thingies - those are not mountains, those are fire hydrants and cross walks... and the pole does count as the fucking traffic light... and I counted all the blinking windows.. complete conspiracy.

  3. Had two blowouts in the last two weeks...trying v. hard to find a reason not to put lovely hair lady on the payroll.

  4. Well I guess Mall Santa is going on unemployment this year...

  5. Debate over dinner - does picking one's nose create bigger nostrils? Why did they all look at me when they posed the question? Awful people.

  6. Made an amazing triffle for TG… only half a bottle of brandy... could be a slippery slope.

  7. Bloody Black Friday… I mean what more of what do we possibly need? Such a racket... shop local people...having owned a shop in a previous lifetime... yes, it does matter... it matters greatly.

  8. Am possessed by some OCD Christmas elf and spiffing up old ornaments - changing out ribbons, adding glitter… might need rescuing here v. soon.

  9. Now for my Xmas list…might have to get some lovely necessities from Liberty’s… love Liberty’ of the biggest things I miss about London...the creaky stairs, lawns of fabric, smell of leather and perfume and delight.

  10. Just discovered some delicious Calvin Klein bralettes… might even wear in public and show off long tits... contemplating even adding an ornament to each… fuck 2020… will enslave them and hoist them up next year... in the meantime, they will hang free...unencumbered by conformity.


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