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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I want to talk like lovers do.

  1. No, you take out the trash... I’m too busy being Queen of my universe.

  2. ALEXA… feed the dog.

  3. Wait.. what? He admitted to down playing it? Utterly speechless.

  4. Think I’m going to become part-time vegetarian.. yes, it is a thing…gurl please, I’m from London.

  5. Article in the Times about Covid Face - stress, booze, binging...collapsed concertina of lines and chins... tech neck…shriveled eye lids… yup, that’s me…

  6. Brilliant podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno... mine has actually written five.. yes, five.

  7. Also found out about a rather juicy tit bit about him and Lauren Bacall...have decided that he should add Legend to his thinks I may need to write a book...but how to not get excommunicated.. that is the sitch.

  8. Sports with crowd sound tracks? How is that supposed to spur on the players?

  9. Maybe these stupid Rapture people were onto something…had to use my wipers for the ash.. the air is B-A-D.. . when can we open the bloody windows?

  10. Now Tom Selleck has a magazine? You can't make this shit up... He's my old roommate’s uncle... I know a few stories... been sworn to secrecy tho…maybe that'll end up in the book too...mmm...


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