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I want to break free

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I want to break free from your lies.

  1. I recently got called out on social media for saying "karma” because #45 has the virus and it made me think…Are we losing our moral compass because we are so used to having a bully as a leader that basic human decency is going out the window?

  2. He is so divisive and has polarized people and families... and while I believe it comes down to values for me, it should’t mean that I have permission to reflect back the same and lose sight of mine altogether.

  3. I keep turning over and over in my head, "When they go low. We go high…" have I lost sight of that? Am I so triggered that I’m actually just fanning the flames?

  4. Should I be taking my own advice? I quote the Serenity prayer all the time to people.. "Grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

  5. I didn’t go into HR because I was a rule follower... I didn’t go into HR to be the housemistress.

  6. I went into HR because I've always challenged the status quo and thought if I'm going to stand up for what is right, then I’m going to do it from the inside.

  7. We can all be critics... but actually be part of the change... help shape the solution... that is where the real hard work is.

  8. So I need to taste my own medicine and actually do something and stop arguing with people online... because where does it get me? Where does it get any of us?

  9. If anyone wants to join me in writing letters for Vote Forward, please let me know... maybe we can picnic in the park and actually do something constructive….everyone can be a critic... but let’s be part of the solution.

  10. That is what has always driven me... I just lost my way a bit... so thank you JM for calling me out... I appreciate it more than you’ll probably ever know.


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