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I've got the brains

You've got the looks.

  1. Why am I the only one in this family who knows how to wipe down a surface?

  2. Been invited to speak at my old all girl boarding school to inspire seniors.. super ironic given I was expelled... thank goodness didn’t have digital records 35 years ago...fingers crossed someone doesn’t go riffling thru a box next week before my performance.

  3. Challenger is grounded... Mrs. Discliplinarian me... posted another photo on Instagram without a mask on when he was out skateboarding with friends... I mean.. can you get any more stupid?

  4. And the numskull apparently blocked me before posting it… but his sister narked on him, of course.

  5. Trying to feel the luv and determined not to let sibling dynamic ruin my Valentine's...Baileys in my coffee... in front of a lovely morning fire... and gazing on two gorgeous bouquets of flowers...Chillean Seabass for dinner too apparently...

  6. Now Amanda Gorman is going to save the world... stopped reading all news... feeling very uninformed and very grounded... not even his lack of acquittal has me shook... bloody cowards.

  7. Even finished two documentaries on Saving Britany Spears and Miss Americana about Taylor Swift... utter tripe… now indulging in Bling Empire.. a v. lazy day on the sofa planned.

  8. May even put some photos in a photo album.. if I have time…

  9. No, I did not finish them....I just ate the crumbs at the bottom...

  10. Have I not taught you anything? 1. Don't post the evidence. 2. Cookie crumbs don’t have frontal lobe is exhausted... hope theirs starts developing soon...


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