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I've been tryin' to call

I've been on my own for long enough.

  1. Anyone for an autographed shiny pink colon photo? Seem to have a few... maybe I’ll sell them on Ebay... claim that they belong to someone famous! Guess the celeb!

  2. Hippy Stoner got an internship at a nursery (all on her own) and is now propagating plants and succulents all over the study is slowly turning into a jungle.

  3. Her alter ego Chic Stoner just pondered out-loud...who is going to be on the cover of March Vogue.

  4. Boho Chic indoctrination strategy seems to be coming on nicely.

  5. Just got a fab new haircut… lob with blonde money shot highlights around my face.. love it so much and slightly worried may have settled on my ol’ lady cut.. as chic as it may be…

  6. Evening lounge mode last night was black floaty nighty and charcoal gray knee high socks - for some reason was channeling a goth can can dancer… just need a corset now and some frilly knickers for the whole ensemble.

  7. Once wore a corset to a Valentine’s Ball at the The Limelight on Shaftsury Ave, just off Cambridge Circus - it was dark green with black laces.. could barely breath let alone move… and smoking was impossible despite my attempts as inhale/exhale was so constricted.

  8. V. post punk, techno goth circa 1985/6.. prob looked utterly ridiculous… no one was ever carded in those days...pretty privilege did have its perks back in the day… or at least I thought it chips now...maybe my new do will earn me a couple tho'.

  9. Watched the SuperBowl on Sunday... after 30 years of being explained American Football…still have no idea nor care what is going on…Tom Brady, blah blah blah... now Michael B Jordan…I’d share a bath with him any day.

  10. Who the hell is Spam Risk and why does he keep calling me? Bloody stalker... he calls me at least twice a day.. v. annoying... blocking the bugger, I am.


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