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I remember when

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.

  1. Fuck, I’m old.. I’m on my third dog.. as a growns!

  2. Have decided…let’s just get to Christmas sans Trump...then we can put up the tree..have a lovely holiday season...get a vaccine from Santa... and wake up in 2021 and go back to normal.

  3. Have also come to the realization that Helper is now officially a mesmerized zombie from all the video gaming... to intervene or not to intervene, that is the question...

  4. Salons are opening... bring on some new eyebrows... immediately.

  5. Am the last one of all my friends to still be in fb.. I know, I hate it too.. but insta just doesn’t do it for me.. and then I’ll have to abandon 10 years worth of plapple, posts and my fabulous fan base full of adoring accolades... way too distressing to leave behind.

  6. Seemed to have developed a rather long crease between my fupa and my pubis at the bend.. but I had them naturally... well that was an utter waste of time if I was going to get a scar looking crease anyway…

  7. Memories slipping but able to recollect my teen years when we could smoke in McDonalds with metal ashtrays, save up all my allowance to buy the coveted yellow bottle of Clinique moisturizer and rebelliously tune into pirate Radio Caroline… but remember your name? Sadly not.. hence I now call adults = Sweetie and kids = Sausage.

  8. Shall be one of those war heroes but instead of reminiscing about WW11, will be bellyaching about Top of the Pops, missing my beloved pointy neon orange Mr. Henry’s shoes, Hula Hoops, Wham, and ...ooh … mustn’t forget my trusty well-loved Filofax friend and constant companion.

  9. Does that make me crazy? Possibly…

  10. Oh.. shut the duck up!


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