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I'm not your woman, I'm not your man

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I am something that you'll never understand.

  1. What's the happs, peeps? Dog just got back from the groomers.. so silky now, little bugger.

  2. Siri is just a fucking know-it-all.. and don’t get me started on Alexa... bet they sat in the front together... couple o' gunners the pair of them.

  3. So sad, Michael Apted died... absolutely love the 7-Up series.. such a fascinating premise on how social class defines our future....esp. love the simplicity of the film making...letting the subjects tell their story vs. emphasizing the artistry to tell it.

  4. Seriously... are there any other countries affected by class as much as the UK? Was super hopeful it was flattening there for a concerned that Brexit'll undo it all again.

  5. Discussing with my besties (yes, I'm in middle school) how suddenly we've all become sexually attracted to inanimate objects - Elio’s peach, the spoon in Bridgerton, the chain in Normal People.

  6. I'm sure we are all just bored and horny... but its refreshing that the perspective has shifted to the female gaze.. I mean almost 99% of films are from the hetro male POV - look at the Disney princesses FFS.. those waists… and exaggerated features...utterly ridic.

  7. No wonder we all have body issues.. it was Lena Dunham in Girls who did it for me... when I could finally let go... okay well not entirely... we are all a WIP after all... but she was a huge turning point in my life... only took me four decades tho.'

  8. On that note.. might dive into a glass of champers now... adding a bit o' sparkle to my afternoon in the garden now that the sun has come out.

  9. Utter conspiracy that cheese doesn’t have covid anti-bodies.

  10. Stop fat shaming the cat... she is perfect the way she is!


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