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I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

I will survive, Keep on survivin.

  1. So.. I was in hospital this week for 35 hours! Here's what happened...what a blinking ordeal.

  2. Last Friday I went in for my injectables... got a referral so I thought all good... will try someone new, partic as she had had amazing results...well, that was my first miss-step.

  3. After what I thought was a very very natural look, she gave me some Bacitracin ointment for the road... second prob... I told her I was allergic to Neosporin but she told me that Bacitracin was not related.. well, she was wrong...very wrong.

  4. The next morning, my face started to feel like sandpaper so I started using the ointment... and the worse it was getting, the more I used, and the more I used, the worse it was getting... until 4am on Tuesday morning, I woke up J to take me to the ER.

  5. My face was completely burning up and throbbing...I looked like a burn victim and I could barely open my eyes.. my whole face was literally covered in oozing puffy blisters...on the pain scale, I was an eight, no lie.. and I've given birth.. twice... and wasn't exaggerating, even for a minute.

  6. I was immediately admitted and they pumped me up with steroids, antibiotics, pain killers via a drip and kept me in overnight for observation as they were worried about the possibility I could go into anaphylaxis shock.

  7. Thankfully things started to subside the next day and I came home in the afternoon after a confessional with my dermatologist via zoom and armfuls of meds and instructions for home care.

  8. It’s Friday and I am almost back to normal and don’t look like a sharp-poo anymore thankfully... even though have literally burned off the surface of my face.

  9. So.. massive lesson learned.. do NOT under any circumstances go to anyone other than a doctor for injectables...don’t try and find a “deal.”

  10. Only silver lining in all of this... it wasn’t the injectables I was allergic to thankfully.. never say never...


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